Seasonal Property Marketing

15/12/2018 1:51 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words! Unfortunately a number of agents have a 'that'll do' approach when it comes to marketing photographs, but they're the most important tool you have when it comes to enticing potential buyers. Another thing that's often overlooked is the age of the photographs and the season they depict.

With Christmas upon us, the majority of houses are adorned with fairy lights and Christmas trees. This is often many peoples favourite time of year as their family and friends gather round and celebrate. If people are thinking of moving, updating your photographs to show off your Christmas décor can create positive associations. People will imagine celebrating with their family, and it may just be enough to clinch that 'pre-Christmas' offer! 

So, if your property has been on for a while and has gone a bit stale recently have your agent pop round to update your photographs. Don't forget, if it's still on after Christmas they'll need updating again! 

Lastly, ensure your Agent offers professional standard photographs! Here is an example of a property that I was instructed to market following a previous agent. Same property, same room, but a bit more effort put in to the photographs. Can you see the difference? 

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