Mandatory electrical safety checks

29/1/2019 7:04 PM

I don't usually like to blog more than once every other day, but the announcements are coming in thick and fast at the moment! Electrical Installation Condition Reports (as they're technically known) are often considered a grey area when it comes to a Landlords duties.

Whilst it's true that the Landlord has no legal obligation to provide the tenant with an EICR (unless it's a HMO), the Landlord still has a legal requirement to ensure that the electrical installation is safe. The only way that a Landlord can know that the installation is safe is to have a test, which is why I always advise my clients to get these completed.

The industry has been expecting an announcement for the last few years about mandatory electrical safety checks and there's no date for implementation yet. It has been stated that there will be a two year 'phase in period'. In the first year, any newly let property will require a valid EICR prior to a tenancy commencing. During the second year, this requirement will then pass on to all existing tenancies.

The tests last for five years, and must be completed by an electrician with the proper qualifications. There will be heavy financial penalties for agents and landlords who do not comply.

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